To All of Our Followers,

We began as “The B” around our home location in Castle Rock, Colorado. Patricia Bradley and Angie Hooper were partners, best friends and mother and daughter for 30 years at the B.  After Pats passing Angie took over in the families restaurant career.  After over 30 years in our old location and a long stressful court battle, along with months of waiting our family is back in town, in a new location.  We were known not only for Homemade Pies, our famous Homemade Green Chili, and our Delicious Fluffy Pancakes, but also for the history that covered the walls.

As of February 2013 we had keys to our new building.  Work began the next day, our goal was to make it feel just like home, and to have an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.  Our building began as a barbershop.  The building was only as big as the first room you walk in.  The bigger room was originally a parking lot.  The add on happened after many years and the barbershop closing.  When this happened the building began its journey as many restaurants and bars, where many memories were made.

Tricocci is a family name meaning 3 Heads. As most know the family’s first grandson was born in May 2012.  Richy is the third generation through the Restaurant and who the restaurant is named after.

The Building Now….  We are Tricocci’s Family Restaurant.  When you step through our doors you automatically see photos and history of Castle Rock and our Family.  The painting of Castle Rock was actually painted by Pat, painting was a hobby that she loved to do.  As you walk through you see many photos of the courthouse before it was burnt down, and the article on the wall about the 17-year-old girl that burnt it down.   As you continue into the main dining area and you look up, many notice the beautiful all original stained glass.  The first question is “Was this a Church?” the answer is No, it has never been a church but, from what we have heard,  the stained glass was imported from a church that was shut down in Ireland.  As we have learned, the stained glass became part of this building when it was an Irish Pub.  We have the article of when the Marshall was shot, a picture of Mr. Phillip Miller, who opened the meat market, and was a big part of Douglas County history.

Along with our new building we decided to try something new.  We now have a liquor license, so although we are not a “Bar” atmosphere we do have alcoholic beverages you can enjoy with your meals.  Before we were a breakfast and lunch joint, but with having a liquor license we decided to open for dinner.  Beginning July 26, 2013 we will be open for Dinner serving until 9:00 P.M Tuesday Thru Saturday.

The Hooper and Loiacono Family want to thank all of our customers for the support over all the years at “The B”.  As that door closes we welcome you to our new location!

REMINDER>>> CASH OR CHECK ONLY,  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. We do have an ATM in our building now!! Street Parking Available, Also Garage Parking Available on 3rd St. Just South of the Court house.